Zali Steggall Election Campaign

I was the  photographer for Zali Steggall's 2019 Australian Federal Election Campaign.  Zali was running in the seat of Warringah, in what was one of the blue-ribbon seats.  She was up against Tony Abbott, who had held the position as Member for Warringah for 25 years and was also a former Prime Minister of Australia.  

Zali is a former Olympic skier and barrister and she used her tenacity, drive and determination to mount a successful campaign against Abbott.  The campaign set a number of records, including the most number of volunteers for an election campaign, with a total over 1400 people signed up and taking part!!!  

The campaign was run by Anthony Reed and Louise Hislop and there was an amazing team behind Zali, both seen and unseen.  I was there  from the start and covered the entire campaign.  

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