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Kate Zarifeh

Sports + Lifestyle Photographer

I am a freelance photographer based on the Northern Beaches of Sydney, Australia and my main interest  is sports and documentary photography.   I love the challenge of trying to capture an athlete in motion and most sports interest me as each sport has a unique angle to try and capture.  

I got my start in photography in high school where I worked part time as a freelance sports photographer and writer which led to articles and race reports being published in national sporting magazines. I went on to study Television Production at University and after this went to work with one of the national broadcasters here in Australia. I worked in electronic news gathering (ENG) and worked as an editor, sound recordist and studio camera operator in a busy TV news environment for three years.

I also spent time working as a camera assistant on outside broadcasts and have worked at the Olympics as a crane grip and other sporting events including Apia International Tennis, ITU World Cup Triathlons, World Cup Mountain Biking, Big Day Out.

I’ve now moved back into photography where I love the challenge of trying to capture a fast moving subject and document visually the mood and intensity of a race or an event in a single frame.  I also enjoy trying to document real life around me.

If you would like to  look at my portfolio, please feel free to click on the link.  If you would like to get in touch to work with me, click on contact tab or email me at kate@katez.media

Thanks for stopping by.


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